Das Angebot für Monteure/Studenten

Nutzen Sie unseren Campingplatz bei Hameln als Zweitwohnsitz bzw. Ausgangspunkt ...

um von hier aus zur Hochschule Hameln Weserbergland, TA Hameln oder zur Arbeit zu kommen. Gern erstellen wir Ihnen ein Angebot.

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  • Guest (Bonnie Ross)

    I doubt that simple discussion can change anything in our country, but if you really have an idea to share, this is your chance to shake our government up. It's quite a good initiative, but to my mind, it will only work when all results of discussion are formed into real suggestions for statesmen.

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  • Guest (Katherine Cook)

    I hope this project will change something in our social and political state because many of our state's residents are really fed up with the current situation including the world economic crisis, poverty, overpopulation etc.

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